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Cyber Anthropology

The study of Online Culture, and Culture online

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This is for all those aspiring cyber anthropologists out there. Whether your interest be online gaming, blogging, social networking or any other cyber cultural phenomenon you can post about it here. While the anthropological aspects are what this community is about, the sociological and psychological aspects are welcome points of view too. This community is for academics as well as those with just a general interests so anyone can join.

Just a few tiny rules:

1. Try to stay on topic
2. When discussing articles, copy and paste full article text as well as put a link to the source.
3. Use LJ cuts.
4. Use Descriptive Subjects
5. Use Tags
6. Discuss!

For communities and sites with similar interests try:
anthropologist, fanthropology, Terra Nova, The Deadalus Project

(Think a link should be added - post about it and let me know!)

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