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My current web twitches...

A webtwitch is defined as: Our new-found need to immediately look something up online the moment it comes up in the context of our daily lives. (Source: Wired Geekipedia)

Because there is so much going on and I'm super busy these days this will be just a quick rundown of the top three things on my list of interesting happenings.

Here are two articles I've read recently that I found to be very interesting. First is Wired's Students On How Social Networking Is Transforming Politics, second is a post that was made to Tera Nova on the governance of cyber worlds.

If you've seen anything else interesting as of late please pass it my way!

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Mar. 11th, 2008 01:44 am (UTC)
My webtwitch sometimes involves someone telling me about a band/artist. I am compelled to immediately download their stuff to check them out ;x

Hi btw ;p
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